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Welcome Alpha Media!

Thanks for trusting us with your Web Redesign and Wordpress Development project! We’re excited to get to work and deliver some amazing results. Before we get started please fill out this super quick questionnaire to help us work together efficiently!

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Your Team

We're here to make it easy on you. Meet your team leads.



Head of Creative

With over 15 years of experience ranging from web design to print and layout to brand strategy, your project is in good hands. As Project Lead, Head of Creative, and Art Director, Jen will help guide your project to the finish line.



Design Manager

With nearly 20 years of experience in Graphic Design, Product Packaging, Presentation Design and more, Jen takes a holistic approach to all projects and brings us back to Earth. She keeps us on track with her practical, pragmatic presence.

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Our Commitment

Your brand is personal to you, and we want to treat it with that same care; that’s the only way it will feel authentic and personal to your audience. You can expect us to be partners in helping you achieve your goals, challenging you to answer the critical questions, and celebrating the milestones along the way.


How We Work

We are a 100% work-from-home agency. Some of us have dogs, and some of us have small children. We all have mail carriers, passing vehicles, and the occasional (or frequent) Amazon delivery. We promise to minimize distractions to the best of our ability, and aside from an errant dog bark or a child’s giggle during a meeting, we assure you the work we deliver will meet or exceed your expectations. 


Keeping You In the Loop

Delays? They happen. Changes? They happen more often. Your project is important to us, and when issues arise we will communicate them as clearly, quickly, and efficiently as possible. We request you do the same – if you need to scale up, scale back, change scope, pause, or speed up your project – please let us know as soon as you can.

Response Times

What You Can Expect

We do our best to respond to your requests in a timely manner however when differing time-zones, holidays, or project ramp-ups get in the way it can be frustrating. While we may not always be able to reply immediately, know that your project is top-of-mind and in progress. It may be helpful to review your project calendar or submit an update request. Below please find some general communication guidelines and target response times:

Message – 6-12 hours

Contact your team leader with urgent matters only, please!

Email – 24 hours

Best used for a quick question, check-in, or meeting request.

Asana Request – 24-48 hours (however, your request will be reviewed and assigned immediately)

For larger requests, to assign a task, or start a new project phase, feel free to use the Asana Work Request Form


Requesting Changes

We have created a design review workflow to gather client feedback throughout your Web Redesign and Wordpress Development project. We will guide you through the process at the appropriate milestones, and do our best to accommodate your change requests as outlined in your contract or accepted project estimate. We use different review tools for different mediums, and ask that you please gather and reserve your feedback for the design review stages in order to help us move FAST.


How It Works



Audit competitors, conduct brand analysis, analyze target market opportunities.




Conduct a brand definition workshop, explore colors and patterns, assemble mood board, explore typefaces.




Build designs, define final color palettes, design typefaces, create branding style guidelines.




Review our work, request any edits, or approve designs.




Hand off materials, implement graphics and support launch.



Tools We Use to Work Efficiently

Google Drive

All working files and final packages will be stored in Google Drive. Your client facing folder can be accessed here:


We use Asana for all our project management needs and design feedback. Subscribe to your project task calendar here:


Estimates, Proposals, and Invoices can be found in Freshbooks. Log in to view your upcoming or outstanding invoices:

Zoom Meetings

Our virtual calls are hosted on Zoom. Meetings are set to record automatically, and recordings can be shared on request.

Google Docs

We prefer to use Google Docs for our document processing. It allows for comment tracking and on-the-go reviews and edits.


Social media templates, graphics, and brand elements can be stored in Canva providing access to your team whenever, wherever.

Adobe XD

Typically used for wireframing and prototyping for web projects, we also occasionally use Adobe XD for reviews of other project assets like brand guides.


A living mood board for font styles, photography, and more will be made available for review, comment, and approval in AIR.inc.


Scope of Work

The agreed-upon list of project deliverables is listed below however, if something is missing or you’d like to add an additional service, please reach out and we’d be happy to accommodate your request.

Website Design & WordPress Development 

  • 2 homepage designs for approval, with 1 additional round each, and 2 revisions of final selection if required
  • 2 sub-page designs for approval, with 2 revisions of final selection if required
  • 1 blog archive page design for approval, with 2 revisions if required 
  • 1 blog page design, with 2 revisions if required
  • WordPress development will utilize the Elementor Pro page builder with the hello theme.
  • 10-25 included pages
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Blog with integrated social marketing and basic share features
  • Location central page listing, with individual location micro pages, with 2 revisions if required

  • Dynamic social feed integration
  • Modal window email marketing integration*
  • Image gallery option
  • Video embedding capabilities (popup or inline)
  • Contact form with routing capabilities
  • Basic SEO setup
  • Basic website analytics
  • Weekly report until project completion

E-Commerce Web Design

Shopify eCommerce website customization that works visually with the new website redesign,  and integration with Shopify “buy buttons” listed on the WordPress homepage*

Out of Scope

  • Photography-use licenses 
  • Music-use licenses 
  • Video-use licenses 
  • Video production 
  • Photo Shoots 
  • Copy / Content Creation
  • Fees associated with email marketing
  • Hosting, SSL, and domain registration fees

Additional Services

We can help.

  • Graphic Design
  • Sub-Brand Identity and Logo Development
  • Web Design
  • WordPress Web Development
  • Blog design & development
  • Shopify cart customization and set-up
  • Email marketing design
  • Mailchimp or Klaviyo Account set-up
  • Social channel management
  • Social content development and scheduling
  • Social launch campaigns
  • Content calendar and planning
  • Back Office design
  • Mobile app design
  • Replicated Website Design
  • Magazine layout and design
  • Live event branding and presentations
  • Country launch strategy
  • Product launch strategy
  • Sales Promotion Support
  • Packaging design


Your project is set to start on September 26, 2022

As your Web Redesign and Wordpress Development project progresses, dates for individual tasks may shift, however, your target launch date will only shift after communication and approval from YOU. 


Days to Launch Target

Schedule and Important Dates

Asana Project Calendar

Your Asana Web Redesign and Wordpress Development project overview schedule is embedded below. The below dates may shift, but should not affect your target launch date. You can always reach out for detailed updates, or view the calendar in a browser: 

Add your calednar to your devices! Follow the instructions here to subscribe to your Asana Project Calendar with the following link:


Agency Availability

Our team works Monday – Friday 9 AM-5 PM every week to support your project. Your team leader is available on a limited basis outside normal business hours.

We do our best to communicate our days off and observed Holidays in advance. As a general overview, we take the following days to rest and spend time with our families, then return to your project bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

"Out of Office" 2024
"Light Days" 2024



Use this email address to send a request straight to our Project Board, and notify our team.


We will use this Slack channel as a team for quick communication, feedback, and huddles.

Asana Work Requests

Submitting your request directly to the project board will put all eyes on your needs. An owner will be automatically assigned and notified with all the details you provide. This enables us to quickly address your request.