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Healthy energy that fuels your focus.


for Beyond Slim®

Launched by ZipSlim® founders, ZipBOOM™ evolved as a healthy take on an energy drink for the weight loss company. To expand the brand’s budding product portfolio, offer complimentary options to a loyal customer base and to reach a new demographic we developed their positioning, defined the brand identity, and launched a brand campaign to introduce it to the world.
How’d it go? Live-launched within 3 months with over 35% adoption by existing customer base within the first quarter, site traffic grew over 60% during launch month, and the brand continues to be a stand-out in the industry.

Metallic Hot Spots

Matte Soft Touch Coating

Peek-A-Boo Gusset 

Heritage Product Pattern

The competitive landscape in the energy drink space has a certain vibe: harsh blacks and reds, traditionally team-ish, and SUPER MANLY.

With the client’s almost exclusive female customer base, we had to ask: how can we appeal to loyal fans, while leaving the door enticingly open to a new demographic?

We took a playful approach, contextualizing ZipBOOM’s unique combination of benefits and superior ingredients through the lens of kinetic color, immersive photography, and all the electric feels. It’s more than an energy drink – it’s an energized drink.
By leveraging bold colors, vivid imagery, and energetic messaging, we built a vibrant identity that embodies the clear focus and power of ZipBOOM. We wanted to help you FEEL the way the product makes you feel, before you’ve even had a chance to taste it. By they way, it’s delicious.

Healthy Energy

Naturally sourced green tea caffeine, Plus 24 energy supporting super-nutrients

Meticulous planning. Over 50 social launch graphics. Countless slides. 10s of marketing emails. Hours of research and traffic control. Drafted and re-drafted scripts. 1 multi-(iPhone)camera commercial. With an established identity in place, we orchestrated an extensive two-week production to launch ZipBOOM, collaborating with multiple partners and key stakeholders to execute across all channels. BOOM!

Fan Feedback

“BOOM! Within a 15 minutes I have the readiness to conquer a marathon (even though I don’t run).”
Megan M.
“This packaging is FIRE!!! It's gonna fly off our shelves! ⚡️”
Shelbi K.


33 ingredients designed to support greater cognition, focus and mental clarity.

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