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Brand Guidelines

What's included in your Brand Guidelines Project?
Build a strong and clear process for decision making by trusting us with your Brand Guidelines. Your Brand Guidelines are delivered in a document – virtual, physical, or browser based – containing the following aspects of your brand identity:

Brand Strategy

Define who you are and how you position yourself as a brand


Your business’ purpose, promise, and what you stand for


What your business aspires to be in the future beyond its mission

Core Values

Principles that drive and inform your team culture

Brand Pillars

Fundamental points that set you apart from your competitors


Craft a voice for how your brand talks and sounds


A viable name for your company or product


A one liner that captures the essence of your brand


A narrative that connects and resonates with audiences


A way to connect though the emotions of your customer

Visual Identity

Design how your brand looks and feels


A symbol that serves as the beacon of your brand


A family of fonts that are used across your communications


A palette of hues that define your brand’s impression


An imagery style that sets the art direction for your brand

Why JLA?

We love simple, timeless branding.

Our step-by-step approach guides you through the process of creating a beautiful brand whether you’re starting from scratch or revisiting and refreshing your existing brand for an ever-changing market and demographic. We work with your team collaboratively to give you personalized suggestions that fit your needs and personality. Before you know it, you’ll have an brand in your hands you can be proud of, in a format ready to share with your team and vendors.