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for Electi AG

This was an exciting and challenging project that started with a blank piece of paper and two founders who came to us for our experience creating and running brands at the intersection of wellness & lifestyle. The “Choice is yours” spirit of the Electi brand speak to the members-only community they have created that helps people achieve health, wealth, and happiness.
How’d it go? We recently completed this project handing all assets, sites, social assets and calendar for Electi to manage with their in-house team as they prepare to officially launch the company in Summer 2024 across Europe.

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Video produced and directed by Dylan Gonzales
The exciting part of a truly “from scratch” brand project is that there are no wrong answers, no customers to push back, no history to unwind or overcome. The challenge, however, is that you are left without the feedback loop multiple stakeholders, time in market, or competitor analysis can provide. We needed a simple way to make a company feel like a community, building multiple doors to the house so that people with diverse reasons for joining would choose to become members.
We set out to create a new brand in a new niche that had not previously been attempted, bridging the worlds of health & wellness, travel & hospitality, with personal development & entrepreneurship. This ability for members of the community to experience it in so many ways is what inspired us to push for a name that inspired “choice” – Electi – with an empowering calling card to match – “Choice is yours.”

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The project was managed on an asynchronous basis because the founders and business are based in Switzerland while we are based in Los Angeles. This was made simple with our project management and collaboration tools, making it easy to iterate and educate founders who did not come to us with a clear vision of what they wanted in their brand.

Fan Feedback

“BOOM! Within a 15 minutes I have the readiness to conquer a marathon (even though I don’t run).”
Megan M.
“This packaging is FIRE!!! It's gonna fly off our shelves! ⚡️”
Shelbi K.


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